Not syncing in

Hi I have tried to sync my account for 2 weeks now. After deleting the game and re installing it for several times now all
It does is freeze as I’m about to get into the game.

Please help as I’m a massive fan and love forza and miss it heaps. I feel like I’m at wits ends. Is there anyone I can call to help me resolve this issue I’m faced with. Thanks.

I’ve had this same problem for about 4 weeks now and even called xbox live to see what was up. I was told that a large amount of people are having the same issue.

I am also having the same issue. MULTIPLE Emails and Tweets to FM…of course no reply.

I’ll be seeking a FULL REFUND, as they broke their own game with the update. They can give me my money back and hope I choose to drop another $100 on their next game, or they can fix this one, and I will gladly keep buying their stuff.

IGNORING their community after a problem like this is about as good of service as EA Games offers. Nice work Turn 10…you’re now in EA territory.