Not a fan of the Wheelspin after every level

I don’t like the idea of being handed money/cars just for doing 2-3 races to level up. It just doesn’t feel satisfying winning a new Laferrari vs earning enough money to go and buy one. Some of the fun involved in getting the really expensive cars was being able earn the money for it but that sense of excitement is gone now with this.

In Horizon it works because its an arcade racing game and should be easier and more laid back. But for a sim style racing game I just find it doesn’t feel right. If the Wheelspins were maybe every 10 levels there might be some sort of enjoyment in using one, since they would feel much more rare and rewarding. What are you guys’ thoughts?

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I cannot agree with you. I like to have money to be able to tune my cars to ludicrous levels and then try to tame them.

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I just dont like it when I win mod packs


What are mod pack you ask? Well they are an easy non-technical way for folks who aren’t familiar with the constructs of a car and how to improve it to apply a mod (ification)s that will improve the area specified. I’ll still use them, but I’m all for adjusting the car’s specs myself.

Sell the cars you won. Simple.

Better yet, just don’t spin.


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OK, then don’t use them. You have the option to cancel it, it’ll keep the spin for later so in a few months time if you decide that actually, you’d like a bit of cash or some extra cars, you’ll have plenty piled up!


or simply dont use them spins

I"m not a big fan for a simple reason. rng

I cant seem to figure out how to get the center box, if I do, it’s not usually the one I want.

I would much rather have a reasonable choice of a car or two and the equivalent money. There is so much to these games that I never have enough money So I know I need all I can get.

And give me my clean lap indicator back. Great game though, love it.

I’m with you to a point. Like what FM5 turned into in FM6 I booted up the game to find I already had crates of carrots. Career mode offers so little in terms of reward, and these spins are tied to driver level, not performance or progress through the game itself. I can earn XP faster doing anything BUT career mode, and thus get my spins faster. Had FM6 career mode used a series of championships in a season format, like FM3 and FM4, then earning a car, or the chance to spin for one of several cars would have given you a feeling of reward and accomplishment. As it stands you get none of that from the career mode’s format.

Now where I don’t agree with you as much is FM6 has just enough cars that even when I’m winning cars, I’m not always getting the ones I want to own. I keep them for collection purposes, or for if I ever need them for specific races. In the GT series where money is awarded by the game like a stingy parent handing out allowance to an 8 year old, this kind of thing would be perfect, because you’re always needing a new car for the next Cup. Had I not gotten an 11 million credit signing bonus for starting the game I would be very glad to have a chance to win some cars, some that I want, others I’d likely use. So these spins let me save money for my “dream cars” while being able to have a variety of cars in my garage.

Now we are complaining about getting too much free stuff? Wow!


I know right -__-.

OP is on the wrong side of the difficulty scale…

No HUD. No Assists. And Ayrton Senna AI.

This game isn’t a RPG. You want to use the slower production cars, do it, But don’t advocate for the taking away of the wheel spins for people like me who love the more expensive GT and prototype class cars. I don’t want to drive a VW Beetle for 2 hours.

Exactly right.

We should be complaining about having to drive crap cars in extremely long races as soon as you put the disk in, would be nice if there were shorter races at the start.

The wheel spins are just part of the larger problem. But they are the particularly annoying part of the problem. Getting cars and money is ridiculously easy. To the point I really, truly, don’t care. So the spin is just an annoying screen that I have to get through before starting the next race. It’s not a big deal - but I just wish it wasn’t there. It’s like a longer loading screen. Most of the time, I don’t even know what I won, because I am not paying attention.

It is part of a larger problem - the feeling that there is no sense of reward. I am a pretty casual player nowadays, so my time is limited. I like to “master” a car-track, so I spend time with it. The results is that I already have, after two days, way more cars in the garage than I will ever drive. Between the car packs and the rewards, by the time I was done with the first four-race series, I had 30+ cars in my garage, including some serious super-cars, and 2million+ credits. Sure, I could spend it all to tweak a car to some ridiculously overpowered and totally unrealistic level, but… it’s not my cup of tea.

I remember playing the early Gran Turismo (say, GT2), when it really felt like an achievement, the first time you saved enough for a Viper or whatever. That feeling is lost in the Forza series.

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Grinding for 2 hours with the Escudo or have good race payouts? I think most would prefer the second option, but that’s my guess.

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I have to agree with this. I like to work hard to earn/ buy a car that others won’t be able to afford for a while. They have removed any sense of collecting, further enhanced by how easy it is to find a design and tune. I used to like digging around for designs that not everyone else would have.

Other than that the game is 100% awesome./

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I honestly didn’t know that you don’t need to spin them. Thanks!

I love the spins! It’s wonderful when it lands on the jackpot prize. It’s pretty much winning the virtual lottery!

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