No Suzuki or SEAT?

Hi All,

I’ve been told via twitch that not one of my faverate car manifacturers are in Forza 6.

Anyone know why because if true, I’m not buying Forza 6.


No Suzuki or SEAT. The full list is here:—DLC-and-Editions-List.aspx#post_312978


Most likely it’s because of licensing, but it could be because of “built for next-gen.” Now can a moderator lock this thread before benjordini comes out and scolds me for mentioning “built for next-gen,” please?

“Built-for-next-gen” or not, it’s sad to see both manufacturers go. Perhaps they might make a reappearance in FM6 with some of their better showings… Only the Tajima Monster captivated my interest from Suzuki’s lineup. But SEAT’s been putting out quite a few nice hot hatchbacks lately, I’d say they might be more relevant now than they were before.

Oh no…

Thanks for the list mate.

I don’t see the point of buying this game.

I’ll do real racing on motorbikes & cars

Suzuki made terrible cars in the states so that may be part of the reason.

Not really sure why Seat was axed. Those were surprisingly good lobby cars and used frequently.

Seat and Skoda are the little known to US drivers VW brands. I loved the Fabia and Octavia WRC cars back in the day.

Seat makes some sweet cars; got to sit in a Cupra in Berlin once. Feels VERY VWish. I miss them, but OP, if those two manufacturers are what is holding you back, I suggest you check out some of the other sweet cars that are in Forza for the first time.

I didn’t even notice they were omitted.

Although the Escudo Pikes Peak was a fun one…