No Start Menu or Desktop Shortcut

Short version of my problem:
I can’t find any executable or shortcut of any kind to launch Forza Horizon 3.
Currently I can ONLY start the game by visiting the Microsoft Store page which is highly annoying.

Long version
I bought the game on the Microsoft store and after the installation completed I tried locating the game launcher or executable.
Now, after some research I learned that Forza uses a different format and has done away with typical EXE files.
That’s fine, but how do I launch the game without and exe?
I opened the program list on my Windows 10 Start menu but couldn’t locate any shortcuts or reference to Forza Horizon 3.
I used Cortana to search for Forza Horizon 3 but didn’t get any results.
I eventually learned about the hidden WindowsApps folder where the Microsoft Store installs many of its apps.
I located the Forza folder but without an exe file was unable to launch the game.
On the FH3 Store page there is a button that reads “Pin to Start” but its grayed out so I can’t use that option.

So currently my only option is to open the Microsoft Store and go to the Forza Horizon 3 store page every time I want to play.
This is extremely tedious and unconventional.
Like most gamers I tend to keep my game shortcuts organized, together and in an easy to reach location. FH3 is now the exception to the rule as being the ONLY game on my system that I can’t add to my game folders/game organisers(such as Steam) let alone find any way of actually running it outside the store.

Please let me know if there is any solution to this problem.

I’m in the same boat man, i believe it’s an issue with windows 10. i had the game installed with shortcuts and everything but had to uninstall for a hdd to ssd transfer, and when i re installed it, the options were greyed out like you mentionned and on top of that there’s not even an icon on the taskbar when the program is open. Only way to access the game is through the store…