No Forzathon Live?

I just got on the game about an hour ago in time for the 11:00AM EST forzathon live and there was no icon on the map and no group of players gathered anywhere for it. I waited 50 minutes for the icon to show up for the 12:00PM forzathon live to show up and same thing, no Forzathon Live. Anyone else having this problem?

I joined both Live events you mentioned, however, something strange happened.

I was waiting for about 5-8 mins both times with between 8-12 players waitting with me, the countdown starts…5…4…3…2…1…Go! So i set off for round 1 and all of a sudden i’m on my own, 5-6 minutes in to round 1, i pause the game as i was confused wondering were everyone had gone, i looked on the Map and everyone that had been waiting with me, was over at round 3. What the hell?

Lol… That happened to me yesterday except I was on my own for about half of round 1 even though I had been waiting with about 10 other people. I thought “Well, I guess I am going to have to do this thing myself…” and all of a sudden the rest of the people appeared even further back than where we were originally waiting…