No compatible fh4 multiplayer server found

I am playing in India, on PC. This used to happen frequently before. I would get disconnected in the middle of things but at least I could play online sometimes. But for some time now I cannot find an online session at all. From the start of the game, I keep getting this message. I have attached the screenshot in below link.
Did the game get removed from India ? Before all this, retrying connection would take a minute before giving up, but now it’s practically instant. I would click on retry and within a few seconds, I would get this message.
I am not on metered connection, I have 100mbps and nothing else going on in the network. This only happens in forza. FM7 is almost as bad but there I can at least play online once in a while.

I am playing in hong kong I have the same problem

I am playing in hong kong also have the same problem

Have you tried restating you PC and Wi-Fi and try to load in?

Tried restarts, resetting local save, changing to another connection. No good. Windows is up to date 2004.