Nissan Juke in FH2?

Hi guys,

I was testing the new Audi tts and i just passed an Nissan Juke! Since when the car is in the Game??

Just wondering! Best regards

I just saw it (a green 2014 Nissan Juke Pringles Edition) in the Horizon Promo section, so it’s probably just added as a traffic car that has “promo” value when you take a picture of it (just like the Nissan G-Shock 370Z and the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Cheetos Edition a while back). I haven’t seen it before, so it probably came with this DLC/update.

Okay good know, thank you! It Might be possible that they’ll Release the car for us players to drive with right?

Promo codes for the Nissan Juke, people!

List of codes:






These are the codes I have got off the Pringles website, if a code doesn’t work, (probably because someone’s used it before) there’s nothing I can do about it.

Don’t know when I can post more, but I’ll keep this updated.

Please don’t PM me for a code, because you wont get a reply. I’m doing this out of my time and pocket, so help me help you and don’t clog me inbox up, thanks.

Here’s to a united Forza community!


SweedishThunder, the 370z G-Shock it’s not a traffic car, it’s a promotional DLC.

My bad. Still, to the people outside of the states, the G-Shock 370Z is a car we can see on the roads but can’t buy, so for us, it’s nothing but a traffic car. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone can drive it in one of the Bucket List challenges. Mind you, there’s nothing too special about it.

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I noticed that too! And heck, it’s epic. My mom likes that car, too.

Sigh, another update with another Promo car that most of the world can’t get.

These promo cars are ruining the game for completists.


Yeah, it must be hard to be a completist, but maybe it’s good for them to learn to be able to deal with game “non-completion”.

Also - could anyone anywhere ever drive the F-150 SVT Raptor Cheetos Edition? I haven’t heard anything about it.

Holy snap. I wish they would’ve swapped the Z06 for this in the pack. The car is ugly but pretty unique.

On my promo now it says 300 out of 320 cars that ive taken pics of. Next DLC to be a big one?


Either that or 4 more monthly dlc packs with 5 cars each

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I still havnt found the juke yet but it does say 300 out of 320 when i go onto the progress part on the pause menu when i tap on horizon promo but cant wait for future dlc cars

Is 300 all of the cars available in the game currently?

I sense another “Storm Island-sized” Expansion in the future. :smiley: Probably about 2 more car packs as well.

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The target number goes up by 20 every time you cross the next threshold. For players who have captured 281-299 cars, the next bonus is 300. For players who have captured all 301 cars, the next bonus is 320. If we were to see four or five more car packs the target would go up to 340.

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I would not read anything into the 320 number ie keep your expectations low and treat any dlc as a surprise addition.


The reason I think it means something is because I feel like if this was the end of the DLC, they would’ve said, “Here is the last car pack for FH2” or something along those lines. No mention of any of that.

Plus, the Expansions tab in the menu is plural, when there is only 1 Expansion listed. :slight_smile:

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My prediction is people will turn the circumstantial evidence into very firm and specific expectations and then be disappointed when those expectations are not met to the letter.