Nissan Juke in FH2?

I won’t be disappointed. It’s always worth hoping for something.

so is there a way u can get it?

I asked and was told by buying and obtaining codes from promotional packs of pringles in the EMEA which I can only work out to be Europe Middle East and Africa

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Who told you that?


I just browsed over to the Swedish Pringles site, and at the bottom it says “Pringles XTRA ‘Win an Xbox One’ - COMING SOON”. so I guess there could be something to the promotional codes. We’ll just have to wait and see. :slight_smile:

Gonna call my cousins in Germany and ask em to buy Pringles…
What would you do for the cheetos truck, can I just buy some cheetos?

Whether there are more packs, an expansion, or just the Juke on the way, I’m stoked. I’d love any of those three things.

No amount of searching has found much on this so please excuse me if this has been posted before.

I was at Walmart the other day and saw a sign in the gaming section for a Horizon 2 promo:

Buy two (small, snack bag sizes found up front by the registers) specially marked Frito Lay bags and enter the codes online at and receive a special FH2 custom car design. Good from 4-12 thru 5-12. Has anyone seen any bags for sale at your Walmart? Mine don’t have any with the logos.

I just found it too. If you want a shot of it for Horizon Promo, start up a Hot Hatch championship. Apparently, the Juke is in the Hot Hatch class even though it looks more like a small SUV.


The Juke is like a cross between a hot hatch and a SUV, and considering it’s the Nismo version, I guess the label is appropriate.

Excellent, looks like this’ll give me an excuse to eat loads of Pringles :wink:

Theres never an excuse to eat them…its just natural :smiley:


I just hopped onto the Pringles site, and it says in the contest “Get Xclusive DLC with every entry”. It then shows images of the Juke. So if you enter you get the Juke. HYPE!

EDIT: After reading through it more it also mentions you can win FM6 and FM6 DLC from the 15th August on wards. Pringles accidentally leaking release date?


Seconded. I feel like I’m one of the ten people in the world who like the Juke. If anyone wants to send me over a code (provide for yourself first, of course) I’d be really greatful!

Side note: I haven’t seen any FH2-branded Cheetos bags anywhere (their website doesn’t suggest anything either), so I have no clue on how to get the Cheetos Edition SVT Raptor, but if it’s a US-only thing, and I see some, I’ll definitely give some codes away!

That might just be the start date of the contest. IIRC, the Doritos and Mountain Dew “Win one every 2 minutes” contest thing started like a month or two before the XB1 was even released.

Me too.

You too, Jonxmonx, if you ever turn out to have some extras.

15th of August is the start of Pringles contest not the release date so you’re correct :stuck_out_tongue:

As for finding stores, I may email and include my area code and see what I get back

got a link brother?

Here you go

It doesn’t show up on the Pringles US site but it does show up on the UK site, so clearly us Americans are out for this one. Unless some of our European friends care to share some codes.