New update just came down

I’m not sure yet what the new update contains but it is 97 Megs download. To me, it seems like they’ve tweeked the vibrations, that’s about all I’ve seen thus far. They have not made that pit board transparent or ghosted (unless I just haven’t found a way yet.) But to me it seems the lateral vibrations are definitely there. When going around Indy at speed, on the corners the controller is vibrating while going around the corners. Draft vibrations still there as well.


yep i just started updating it i hope the vibration is improved

Its stuffed up multiplayer
Can use ANY car in any hopper
Including the rocket lol

Mechberg posted this in the FM6 Support sub-forum.


Now just need to fix multiplayer again

A big Thank You to Turn 10 for acting so quickly with regards to the lost rumble feedback. You have restored my faith in that you care about the concerns of the community.


Thanks 4 the heads up!!!

wow that was fast.

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Thanks T10…

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Thanks T10 for getting the update out so quickly, feels just how it used to. Now to turn some laps

Kudos on getting the update done so soon!

Trying to figure out why I’m now slower with the update?

Shoutout to Turn 10, rumble returning should put a lot of people’s pace issues to rest

Can’t wait to get home from work and see how the NASCAR’s feel now!

Excellent work T10!

Ohhhhh THANK YOU T10 !!!

1000 x THANK YOU !!

Replays/ghosts are working, full rumble/vibration is back. I’d say problem solved.

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Big credit to T10 for getting this out so quick. Respect.

Didn’t help me beat that surprisingly quick D-Type at Daytona, though…

Okay they toned the vibration down but what about the fact that multiplayer is broke and many players are reporting bugs when starting a race? That is the stuff that matters.