New Hoppers added October 13

What we got?

is this for a Multiclass endurance race set up? That’s the GT Racing I enjoy watching…prototypes, GTLM, and GT3 all on the track at once…

New A700 lobbies: 18 laps of top gear, 24 laps of lime rock.
Really? Do you want us to fall asleep? This is not the endurance hopper.

Is it really that hard to give us, for example, 3-4 laps of Suzuka full? No rain, no dumb variations.

After 2 weeks of frustrating online experience I thought I could finally enjoy multiplayer.


Its about damn time, A class is one of my favourites

“Enjoy” is not the right word.

I jump for the first time in one of those new A700 lobbies. Top gear short…I think “ok, 9 laps of it, it’s not that bad”
I do a couple of laps, I check the left part of the screen and I see that the total is 18-freaking-laps!

I do another race, lime rock this time, thinking it would be 7 laps…no 24!! I immediately quit.

What are T10 doing??? Do they really want to lose customers? I’m not gonna waste my time with these long races. And I have no other options. I’m used to A700 and S800 lobbies with an average of 2-4 laps.
This is just insane. I don’t wanna do endurance races

Edit: I jumped in another A700 lobby, 6 laps of La Sarthe full. I’m lost for words…


This is just insane. I don’t wanna do endurance races <-------- Totally Agree i dont understand whats T10 is doing. :frowning:


They can’t win lol.

Not enough lobbies on release, people moan.

Add new lobbies, people moan there’s not enough.

People been moaning for years the races aren’t long enough. They make the races longer, people moan :clap::clap::clap:

I’ll take any attempted improvements to the game personally.


You’re moaning about people moaning. No, wait, you’re moaning about people who are rightfully angry about the situation.

They suddenly QUADRUPLE the number of laps. You think this is normal???
And by the way I never said anything about the length of races in Forza 5 and 6. It was perfect for me.


Sorry friend, most people I know can’t stand the current short lap count in most hoppers. Its drag race to the first corner, and who ever comes out clean wins. Even if they’re garbage. You can’t have your was all the time.

Why can’t there be one lobby with races lasting long then 4 mins.

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The proof it wasn’t normal is that the 18-24 laps races were removed hours after we discussed the issue. Because it was an issue. Breakout hopper (A class public lobbies) is basically quick match mode. You get your favorite car, setup and race against random players. You’re not meant to wait 30 minutes in a lobby for others to finish.
Adding 1 or 2 laps to the normal full Spa/Suzuka/Catalunya wouldn’t be bad though.

And long races are not the solution for crashers. The solution is a proper penalty system (for now we just have driver feedback).

There are endurance lobbies if you want long races.

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Not enough lobbies on release, people moan.
Rightful moan.

Add new lobbies, people moan there’s not enough.
I kinda see the point, but at least there is more hoppers, so it’s good.

People been moaning for years the races aren’t long enough. They make the races longer, people moan :clap::clap::clap:
I really dont get this either.

They suddenly QUADRUPLE the number of laps. You think this is normal???
I actually prefer it. Now if you start last you dont have to wreck others to get in to lead in first 1-3 laps
Previously pretty much the only way you had to get to podium was to punt others out of the way, now you can actually race them.
I’d hope that the fastest drivers would leave from the back of the pack too in this. therefore the not so fast drivers would actually still have a chance at winning.

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Thank god for endurance GT at least. Excuse me while I hop on there for the rest of the day.


Rest of the day? Psshh, I’ll be there for the rest of Forza 7.

And a huge thank you to Forza for adding this hopper. Your GT community will be very pleased, including yours truly.

Current lineup:

Welcome to Multiplayer
Model = Lambo #63, Homologated

**Multi-Division **
Division = Sport GT or Historic Road Racing

Breakout Hopper
Class = A

Endurance Forza GT
Division = Forza GT, Homologated

**IndyCar **
Division = IndyCar, Homologated

**Modern Hot Hatch Ghosts **
Division = Modern Hot Hatch, Homologated

Classic Street Muscle
Division = Classic Street Muscle, Homologated

**Modern Hot Hatch **
Division = Modern Hot Hatch, Homologated

Historic Road Racing
Division = Historic Road Racing, Homologated

Rise of the Supercar
Division = Rise of the Supercar, Homologated

**Track Toys **
Division = Track Toys, Homologated


Glad they updated but still no tag or drift? Why turn 10

So does the A-Class hopper mean I can take my like D class car and boost it up to A class and race it or is it homologated? Also, is the hot hatch ghost hopper basically no collision?? That would be cool. Last thing lol, how does the multi-class racing balance out? Obviously you aren’t trying to compete with the cars way outside of your class because they have an advantage no??

Were private lobbis also updated yet? Has missing AI option in lobbies been patched?

Endurance gt oh **** yeah let’s get it. Kinda hope it’s multi class but at the same time I don’t, so with the glass half full it’s a win win

Longer races, excellent!

Less people with the inability to focus more than 2 minutes, more people who actually want to have a decent race!


Yup I like this idea of longer races tbh, besides 15 minutes isn’t that long at all.

Gives plenty of time to make up for any first lap shenanigans too.