New Hoppers added October 13

The following hoppers have been added

Breakout Hopper (A Class)
Endurance GT Hopper
IndyCar Hopper
Modern Hot Hatch Ghosts

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Only 4 have been added so far? Sick that there is a A class :smiley:

There was only one 2 hours ago so perhaps more may be added.

There was only one 2 hours ago so perhaps more may be added.

Ahh good news lets hope later today we will get all the B,A,S,R,P classes!


And no drift lobby…


as usual…


checked now , and still those 4… ill doubt there will be more today…

they added some rivals too

Just logged on and saw there were new hoppers, lets go!

Hooray for Turn10!!!

Finally after 2 weeks of the game being out you allow us to race the way that made Forza loved by millions.

Although its only Class A no restriction multiplayer…one is still better than none.

The question is, when will you be putting the rest of the old class hoppers in?

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Great, this is good news. Endurance GT racing is my thing and I’ve been setting up my own long distance races in free play up to now, so will definitely try the hopper out tonight.

Nice and thx T10 BUT only one ghost lobby and no custom lobbies ???

I think one of the moderators mentioned earlier in the week that T10 would be letting us know what they would be adding to the game in this weeks ‘week in review’ so hopefully that may shed some light on what additions they have planned for the game.

I’m definitely looking forward to the Endurance GT myself now when I get home from work!

Yea looking forward to it as well, I wish that lapped cars didn’t have the ability to take you out though. Hopefully the length of the race will keep out crashers…

I haven’t looked at it yet but I have done some races with a buddy to kinda see what can be set up in private matches. We race on full simulation so hopefully the hoppers will have that…bad drivers won’t be going far if they keep hitting stuff and slowing down…of course it would cause damage to our cars as well but I’m sure it would weed out many of the bad drivers…in Forza Horizon 3 I always try to get a street race event as quickly as possible when I’m in a group of wall rockets as races with no walls certainly weeds out bad drivers quickly…

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Time to build some A class cars

I also noticed that the modern hot hatch ghost has grid ordering as best lap time. Hopefully the others do too.


They should all have that, I spoke with RBW Triton (the Multiplayer lead designer) on twitter and he said it should be happening for all Hoppers going forward.

Makes races a lot cleaner for those that care the most about that kind of thing.


good News! thnx T10 :slight_smile:

there is a " multi division " hoppers too