New GT3 league coming soon!

About league and drivers:
This league will be for fun as well as highly competitive we expect to see 7-10 drivers as of right now and want to see more. So far this group is clean but very fast and keep on pushing each other further. We want to see people join that want to enjoy the racing experience and competitiveness as well as to have fun.

About cars:
For the GT3 series we allow any pre made GT/ Le Mans car.
The car must be a 2014 and stay within R class.
Any upgrades otherwise maybe done to the car as well as tuning.
No none GT cars so you cannot upgrade and make your own!!!
Any paint scheme can be run.

We will be running about ten tracks a season on a random vote ( still undecided)
No oval tracks

To contact either add me on Xbox with ( arX Thommy ) or come join our league kik chat and add me with ( TDunn62 )

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What about R8 and Gallardoes? R8 is a different GT3 car from any other GT3 cars.

Id love to try this but im not sure im on your level. My best lap times are about 4 to 5th percentile on a few leaderboards but others not so high. Are you guys really strict on driver skill? Im improving all the time and want to keep getting better.

Also, what country are you in and when would races be?

No we like having new guys we try and help as much as possible. And for the most part we are from across the states to southern Canada and still no set date figure a weekend night tho

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Awesome, then please count me in. I messaged you on xbox too. Thanks!

No problem can’t wait to race with you

I may be able to join some races - I love GT racing.

…but you should post here -

Sweet sounds good.

I know just didn’t get any action in that forum this is way better