GT league

Okay guys and girls here we have a new league for forza. We have a group of racers ready to race and want more to join in on the action we are looking for all skill levels just no one who goofs off at the wrong times. We don’t mind the odd mess around but we also like our solid racing.

Car rules:
Must be 2014
Must be a GT or LM car preset in forza
Must have been stock in R class
Upgrades are allowed
Tuning is allowed

We have a preseason race at Daytona full this Friday at 10 EST qualifying starts and the following week the real season starts.

For more info send me a kik message @
TDunn62 this is how we communicate with drivers throughout the league

Gamertags on Xbox
arX Thommy

PNAP1234 I’ll bring team ta ta

Go check us out on Twitter @IORLeague
We are a league community so we have a forza 6 league starting this Friday at 10pm EST with gt3 cars.
We plan on also having an iracing league for oval racing in the near future.

So go check us out or add one of us on Xbox
arX Thommy
KHR x InSaNe

Or on kik chat