New Racing League

New Racing League has started up
Currently we’re doing a Forza 7 series, and starting a Heat 5 season plus looking at an F1 series

For the Forza series, all skills are welcome so long as you can race clean
Race time is Friday at 9:45est PM
Current specs are pretty open as it’s more of a get your feet wet type series.
Requirements are:
C Class FWD <300hp with no drivetrain swaps.
Races have a 4 lap qualifying then run about 40-45 mins with 1 required pit stop.

Looking for clean racers who are looking to have some fun. We have a pretty broad range of skills so should be some good racing to be had. Right now our numbers are low, but it’s a new league and should be expanding as we move forward.

It’s all handled on discord, so join up if you’re interested and/or feel free to hit me up if you have any questions. Our last race was delayed, so it’s running tonight if someone wants in.
Can DM me here or buzz me on xbox live at GT: Groo 93

Race Schedule