New Photo Gallery and Legacy Photos Notice

As announced today, the Forza website has gone through a significant redesign. Forza players can now find their game photo galleries by logging into the MyForza section of the site. Once logged in you will see filters for our active titles: Forza Horizon 5, Forza Horizon 4, and Forza Motorsport 7 with your photos presented in a new layout. Clicking on a photo will reveal details about it.

Although our Xbox One generation Legacy titles are not listed in the MyForza filters, these photo galleries can still be accessed by changing the last three characters of the site URL address in your browser:
(note that legacy gallery urls still use the address)

Please be aware that access to these Legacy title galleries is available for a limited time. Later this year, the photo galleries for these four games will no longer be available to view on We strongly encourage players to archive their legacy game photos by saving the images while the functionality remains available. Saving photos to the new Forza Forums is easy: log in with your account and create a thread in the Photography section and title with your gamertag’s Gallery, then simply right click an image and paste it into the thread – no downloading needed!

We will follow up at a later date as a reminder about the legacy title photos.

We hope you enjoy the new site design! Please report any issues you encounter so we can work on improving your experience here.


For some reason, my photos in the new personal gallery are old ones that I deleted with a few of my current ones sprinkled in and when I try adding new photos, they don’t appear on it. It also doesn’t show all my photos (I have 121 in my creative hub and only around half of them appear).

Also, why not port over the legacy forza horizon/motorsport photos to the new system and label them as legacy or something like that? Since forza hub is discontinued, there is no other way of getting the photos from the game other than the link solution and removing that option would make it harder to transfer photos in those games in the future. Luckily, I downloaded the ones I wanted but I’d like to take more in the future.


I sincerely hope you will keep these Legacy title galleries. After all, the game can still be played, and it is inevitable that it will produce shooting inspiration in future play, and there will indeed be some inconvenience without this function.

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I have the same problem. I have been unable to access the photos i have taken in the past week and that’s a major annoyance.

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I will in future use the Xbox screenshot feature. Bonus is there’s no watermark.

I understand the need for change and evolution, but too many useful features have been discarded along with ‘retiring’ the Hub. The sort of features that made me loyal to Forza. Now, along with this week’s disappointing Horizon and Motorsport announcements, I feel like I’ve outstayed my welcome.

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Why i can’t see all my photos.In the new website only a part of the photos are shown.Can you expalin me why or fix it as fast possbile

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As mentioned above, the issue is hopefully going to be fixed

I’ve since checked, and you can’t remove the watermark in FM7, though you can in FH5.

What do you mean by right click and paste? Do I have to right click the small pictures in gallery, or open them in actual size and then right click?

The sign-in feature is resulting in an error despite me being signed in to the Forums.

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