New Forza Community - Velocity Gaming

We are a new community looking to create a place where people can come to meet fellow like-minded players to race with and discuss everything forza related.

This is not just a community for hard-core racers, we also welcome people who are looking for a more casual/fun experience as well as players of all skill levels.

We are currently aiming to have 2/3 events at a set time each week, these include Playground Games (including in-game and community created), League Racing and Casual Racing. We will be doing these on both Motorsport 7 and Horizon 3, more details about each one can be found on our discord server below.

We are always open to community suggestions in regards to event choice and timings.

Here is the link to our discord: Velocity Gaming When you join, please message either of the Owners so we can assign you a role in the server (these will be assigned based on what events you want to be a part of).

We will be on discord and playing forza for the rest of the evening (till 11GMT), so feel free to join in or ask questions there. Otherwise feel free to comment or message me if you do have any other questions before joining the discord.