New Fanatec P1 Forza steering wheel not turning

I just received my new Fanatec clubsport V 2.5 wheelbase and the new P1 Forza steering wheel. this is the brand new model that has the Alcantara instead of the smooth leather. It just started shipping last week. It works just fine on Xbox One in all the games, even the original Horizon. But when I attempt to play Forza 6 Apex on my computer, it does not have any steering at all and is locked at dead center. All of the buttons are configurable in the custom menu but I just can’t steer during a race. Also the pedals work. I’m guessing this wheel is too new and there’s a compatibility issue. I’ve also tried picking the clubsport version 2 wheel off the menu and it says that that is not a compatible wheel so I did a custom configuration. I suspect there’s not really any update or support for Apex at this point considering the new Forza will be out in a few weeks. I’m trying to finish up getting some Forza reward points in Apex to get my tier to the top. Looks like I’ll have to use a regular controller for that unless anyone has suggestions.