New drag club, top 12 list, recruiting new members!

I have a top 12 list of the fastest drag cars in Forza 4. doesn’t matter what class or drive type. every Friday night their will be races for the top 12 list around 7:30 to 10:00 Central time. you cant make it to a race that’s totally fine. only exception is NO SUPER CARS!!! And also its just for fun. you want to bet cars or money that’s fine but don’t get pissed off if you lose. Its all to have fun, meet new people and drag race. The Club Name Is “TOP 12 LIST” and Club Tag Is “T12L”. Hope You Join The Club. For Questions Just Comment Or Message Me.


1.All Call Out Are Run Through Me, By Messaging.

  1. To Move Ahead On The List You Call The Dude With The Spot Ahead Of You.

3.If You Get Called Out You Will Race That Person On Friday Night.

  1. If You Lose, You Lose, And You Win, You Win

5.Will Do Tracks Such As Benchmark, Le mans, And Top Gear. ( So Every One Can Watch The Races)

6.Ill Say “Go” Through My Mic And Sit At The Finish Line To Call The Win

7.If You Drop From The List That’s Fine. Take The Time To Tune Your Car Come Back On

8.Have Fun Drag Racing And Meet New People. To Join- Message My Gamer Tag: “badmofos14”

Are you doing the list?

Yes. We Have Full List But You Can Join The Club And Call Out #12 To Start The List. What Type Of Car Do You Got?

I have my own club but I’d like to race

ok what cars does your club have. I can match them with my guy’s cars and we could try to make something happen.

Can i join? Ive got a 4wd car GT:Halo 4809 Car: 2002 MINE’S R34 Skyline GT-R

Do you guys play on fm5?

No we dont only FM4

If you have people from your list that get on Xbox one feel free to have them hit me up I’m looking to start a list on there

Hey if anyone wants to do a top 10 drag list or something like that let me know I’m looki to do that on fora 6 message me gamer tag Tweeter69x