New creative hub design

HUGE thumbs down

seriously, this design is the work of a first day intern with zero creativity. it breaks every fundamental rule of copywriting and graphic design, not to mention the basic approach of social media presentation. the old one was actually visually/contextually perfect, this is an actual insult and afterthought. if I knew anyone at PGG gamertag i would @ them.

I’m finally convinced I should stop playing this game and start working on it.

Hmm, is this the big-ish update download I find myself waiting for now ?

are you talking about the event lab island??

the giant piece of asphalt in the middle of the ocean

Oh yeah, that’s probably a big part of it. I wasn’t thinking it was live yet but yeah, it should be. Well at least if the creative hub is a bust the download won’t be totally wasted ?

all i know is i went to the new tab and it takes you to a decent sized piece of asphalt that’s in the middle of the ocean, (yes you can drive off of it into the ocean) but i dont see the point to it.

It’s a blank canvas for Eventlab creators. It’s also has some nice features like grid lines to make it easier to lay things out.

I’m talking about the creative hub not eventlab…

let me explain the flawed visual design of the new creative hub layout and the flawed thinking that contributed to it.

the first problem is the immediate elevation of “prefabs” as an equivalent creative output to tuning, liveries, photos, blueprints, challenge cards and vinyls. with that bad move comes the visual equivalent of 7 identical tiles on the creative hub instead of 6, which balanced the gamerpic perfectly.

now in order to make sense of 7 equal sized tiles they have to shrink the gamerpic by over 50% (and change the aspect ratio too)

so essentially they have reduced the identity of the creator to equal importance of all 7 creative outputs. so now you get a small pic of the creator and a bunch of huge zeroes in most cases. it looks horrible and the idea + execution are a laughable insult to creative types.

why don’t they have a simple feedback loop with people who actually play the game before rolling out garbage diminished qol like this. the awkward Livestreams are all the proof you need, but this is more… they don’t play the game.

for the record the new eventlab is just fine, possibly even great

Imagine giving feedback in first post instead of simple “HUGE thumbs down”…

Your whole problem is this “important” screen?

changed to

But yeah first time i’ve looked at some profile ingame… rly important screen!

Touch some grass…


Seriously, that’s his problem?

It’s barely smaller than before, plus, prefabs are going to be a pretty important part of some people’s profiles, just like Blueprints and liveries are to others, and vice versa.


it’s so lazy that every word is plural except for “prefab” (events, tunes, challenges, designs, groups, photos)

just horrid design and concept. othe rolayers have already sent me annoyed messages. again, no feedback between high ranked creatives and devs. ridiculous.

you obviously dont know or care about visual presentation and how it drives engagement with specific content.

prefabs are just going to be more spam, they should have been contained in eventlab, not crammed into the creative hub. engagement is going to be tiny, like new races rivals leaderboards.

to do something as dumb as changing the aspect ratio of the picture displayed… the one they had before overlapped with the circular gamerpic presentation very well, these pics are not chosen to be displayed as squares, they’re chosen as circles and tall rectangles, they’ve discarded a core creative design choice after 7 years, it’s ridiculous… and for what?


let’s get a spam thread going to download each other’s PREFAB lmao

I expect a tiny bit of effort and know-how from a top tier studio making games with Microsoft. this is just not caring for one second.

there’s not even anything related to prefab downloads… no accolades, no leveling up, its just more watering down the game, it sounds like a mike brown idea they should have left on the cutting room floor

You’re still so angry about them… changing the size of an image to fit the newest UGC item into the creator window?

Are you complaining about this because ugrundy won’t make you prefabs? Because this scores very high on the pettiness scale for complaints (as well as complaining about not hiding a very useful feature away from the main screen, as if that was less valuable than liveries, tunes or blueprints)

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