New clutch?

Today I started my favorite game and had a lot of bad gear changes on a controller. Is it me or something changed?

I was wondering the same thing with my car tunes :frowning:
I thought I was imagining it until I saw your post.

Great! I played for 20 minutes only but it was there because I could here very often. I wasn’t sure what is it.

Perhaps these gear shift glitches are part of an alleged controller update for Series X/S? It seems they also broke menu buttons on both Xbox and PC, at least when returning from sleep or the main menu. Perhaps while introducing some intermediary key mapping, they added some tiny key delay?

It feels like controller a bit more because I had troubles with my shoulder buttons in the Xbox menu for some time (maybe it’s the menu problem). I am not sure what is going on. Maybe game, maybe controller, maybe me :smiley:

LOL, I just tested my controller in the menu and it looks like broken controller :frowning: Clutch was probably too much for it :smiley: It’s Elite 2 so I thought it could work longer. But Elite 1 was problematic too.

After more testing it’s strange. The Xbox tool looks like my controller is bad even more than one button. I don’t know, maybe he’s dying.

OK, normal controller is completely fine in the Xbox tool. So I probably play on broken one. It’s funny because I felt it’s not OK in THPS remake too so I played it on normal one.