New cars not available in game

Hi, new here! I’ve searched a little, but I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong. I’m a fairly casual Forza player and don’t have an Xbox Live Gold account so don’t play online at all, but I did buy the Ultimate edition in the first place. I noticed that there was a Series 9 update that should have added loads of new Mini’s into the game, but I can’t see them appearing in the Autoshow. Do I have to do something somewhere to get them to appear?!

That’s a good question. Yeah, in the past that were how games work. Not anymore. You won’t get every car until you start work for them. It’s like part-time job so ask at your main job first :smiley:

It did add them to the game but you had to complete the seasonal objectives to earn them. They do not just show up in your garage or the auto show.


And you are too late, it’s over yet. You will never get them! :smiley:

I think it’s the most criticized thing on Horizon 4.

What garbage, typical turtle
They are going to be repeated just like everything else

Or they could do what fm7 did after 15 months and made everything available in the autoshow

Please see the How to Get Exclusive Cars thread in the main Discussion forum.

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