New Car?: Volkswagen Bora/Jetta

So while my FM6 was installing, I decided to jump on and watch a few replays of past races of mine and seen a whole bunch of Boras/Jettas in place of the DLC vehicles, the Bora/Jetta was fairly
low-poly, had missing rims and had sketchy movement patterns but the headlights and Taillights were really high-poly (from what I seen) so this is how to see the coveted Bora/Jetta:

Start up a race in any DLC vehicle you wish
Finish the race and save the replay
uninstall the DLC pack your vehicle is apart of
load the replay and now your vehicle should be a Bora/Jetta

If this is a glitch, I am terribly sorry, as those were the steps I’ve taken to have this happen and if there’s threads already entailing the Bora/Jetta then feel free to lock this thread mods

The Bora has been used across previous games as a filler in order for other players to see some car on track in case the DLC hasn’t been properly installed. For the most part the monthly content updates that arrive before each pack is released take care of this issue by providing the code to all players so they can see the right car. The Bora itself isn’t available as a purchasable car.

It’s a pity, the Bora was a good car in Forza 4.

Ahh, alright, I thought there was another hidden car, oh well, thanks for the clarification Max

Wasn’t the Placeholder Bora gone in the FM5 days? Weird as it may sound, I’m glad it’s back!

It is gone
Its only there when people havent updated their game