New Business: Isha's Taxis

Series 5 will add a new Business to the game: Isha’s Taxis, revealed in the January 14 preview livestream.

Playing through this business will earn the Austin FX4, which has been a wheelspin exclusive up to now.


I must admit, I am INTRIGUED!

In this business seems to be able to use a taxi with an exclusive upgrade.
At least two types of Taxi can be used in this business, and on-road spec Taxi has Ferrari V12. And off-road spec Taxi has off-road tires for SUV, and higher ride height.
All of these upgrades are not available on existing Austin FX4.

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Awesome, I’ve been wanting the FX4 since day one, and am glad it’s no longer behind a 1 in 1000 wheelspin chance

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I wonder if they deliberately made the FX4 extremely hard to acquire so-far because they knew they’d be giving them out for free to everyone once this business came out?

I already have the taxi but I will probable sell it now before this comes out. Its good never the less to have another source of income.

I sold the extra one I had. That thing disappeared at 15 seconds. So now i’ll have ANOTHER one to sell off

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I wonder what peoples are gonna think tomorrow when they today buy taxi at 20m cr. Taxi job looks really good but i would raither see in these storys reward that it’s not in game allready, im sure peoples dont have taxi yet are very happy to get taxi, some peoples are gonna very sad getting taxi now after spending 20m cr to get one and for some peoples getting second taxi feels like meh.

When I saw the “Isha’s Taxis” story was being released, I thought there would be a fleet of cr20,000,000 Austin Taxis on the AH.

Looked a couple of times since I first heard and haven’t seen one yet. Maybe they just go that quickly?

There is one right now. And after stream i check also and there was one taxi at 20m. I have spare taxi on my bids waiting garage expansion so i sell it yesterday and it sold less than 5 minutes with 20m.

How do you sell it for 20m CR. I just sold mine for the maximum buyout of 22,000 CR as I couldn’t set it higher. No one is going to pay higher than the buyout price.

If you buy a Taxi for millions, IMO that’s on you.


The taxi with the Lambo engine is quite possibly the worst thing I have ever driven in a Forza game, when I was absolutely clueless on FM3 I used to just slap all power upgrades on certain cars, not bother with anything else and even on Positano they were more enjoyable to drive.

It’s the Ferrari F50 engine. I didn’t have any issues with it, there were a couple of chapters I needed to replay to get 3 stars. The trick is figuring out your route, that configuration is good in straight lines and rolling corners, on tight corners your really need to slow down, and only go off road if it’s a good cut.

Great! Now we need a rent-a-cop business so we can get the Crown Victoria.


Just in case anyone forgets to leave a space in the garage before completing the last level “Isha’s Taxis”, like I just did, don’t worry.

This happened to me just now, so went into my cars from the pause menu, deleted a dupe and the message popped back up to say the taxi had been added. Phew! Thought I’d lost it there for a moment.

…2nd Globally (…for now, lol)

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The auction house scalpers must be very happy about it.
Time to rip off some more people asking 20 mil for a Taxi.

Austin FX4 HS (the name of this car can be confirmed with a blueprint) makes me jealous.
There are many exclusive upgrades in this car. Racing V12, Racing V8 (inferred from engine sound), and a large off-road tire for SUV, and exclusive rally suspension is lifted higher than the stock FX4 rally suspension. And up to a wider drag tire than Chevy Nova FE.
I am dying to want FX4 which can use these upgrades! Especially the drag tire is the best!

*These upgrades are not available in Austin FX4. It is an upgrade available only for the special Austin FX4 (Austin FX4 HS) added for Isha’s Taxis, there is no way to we get this FX4.

That is a damn shame too as I kinda liked the handling/sound of the off-road version a lot more that that god-awful V12 race version.

Maybe the 4x4 Monster Cab will be a prize in the future?