Need Turn10 to answer a question on Decals for actual cars

Hello, I’m hoping since I cannot contact Turn10 that someone from Turn10 sees this. I have been playing Forza franchise since it first came out. I’ve been a big fan and love the Forza fan base. I’d like a decal for my car that’s bigger than the 4 inch one that comes with the LCE. I cannot find a site anywhere that sells them. I was wondering if you can point me to your licensed dealer or if I can get the local decal maker for my car club to make me some ( seeing as it is a form a free advertising on your part ). If you can either post on here or send me a PM please do… Thanks

You could probably create one yourself by taking an image off the web and take it to a print shop that deals in signs bumper stickers. Don’t try to sell it though as it might be copyrighted.

The Forza Motorsport logo and name are definitely a copyrighted trademarked; but, as KOGA MIYATA has alluded to, if you find a print shop that will replicate the logo to make a larger sticker, the shop will likely sell it to you at the cost of labor. Once the shop or yourself tries to sell copies of the recreation for profit, that is when you technically could run into legal issues.