Need Showdown City Label

Most of the time when I load FH2 I don’t pay attention to the tiny label before the showdown city location loads. So I have to ask, where am I, as there is no label once you’re in showdown to indicate what city you’re in. I know this is not asking a lot, so can we have this enhancement that places a label of the city in Showdown that’s always visible?

Showdown? Do you mean the showcase events? Either way, all you have to do is pause the game to see the map which has an indicator for your current position, a marker for your destination, and a highlighted route of the event (if you are in the middle of a race or have set a customized waypoint).

When you first come into FH2 you land at a Car Meet based on your last location or your current road trip location. At Car Meets there are SHOWDOWN races that you join when you see and hear the blue countdown ticker. When you’re in a Car Meet you have to exit it to have access to the map, which is time consuming. Since we land directly into a Car Meet…a city location label is requested and I’ve had folks ask me in said car meets “where am I ?”

You can throw a rock from one end of the map to another. It really isn’t too hard to know where you are after 20mins