Need Rat Rod Build Tips

Hello all,

Last night I decided to make a rat rod dragster out of a Ford DeLuxe Coupe. She is crazy fast and sounds mean, like, really mean. This car destroys open highway and straightaways, but it’s handling leaves something to be desired. Now, as a rat rod dragster I dont expect top notch handling, but if I’m sailing down a straightaway and just slightly turn, say to pass traffic, she will just spin out and veer off the road sideways. I need to add some stability I suppose.

I already have a full roll cage, race sway bars (ARBs), and the rally suspension. My understanding is that I need to soften the rear sway bar to increase stability (more understeer), right? Then maybe stiffen the front if necessary. I have also read (hopefully I don’t have this backwards) that drag cars usually like stiffer front springs and looser rear springs. I’m on break at work so I can’t test right now, but I’d like a good starting point for when I get home later. Am I heading in the right direction here? Thanks for any and all help!

Also I should point out that I could only get this car to S884 IIRC (haha… ONLY). I dont think I can get it all the way to 900. I’m assuming it’s because this car is D class when stock, and that jump is just too big, right?

Well, if anyone ends up checking this, I tested out the optional conversion kit which was basically everything that I did but with race suspension instead of rally and it has its own default tuning. The handling is much better this way, although the launch suffers just a touch. I’ve been tweaking this new tune and finding a sweet spot that fits my driving style, but it’s still difficult to get the looseness out of the rear end of the car. It’s quite stable at launch, but turning/cornering at speed is a definite challenge. I know that RWD cars are more prone to this behavior, but I could use some pointers on where to look to dial out as much of that looseness as possible, without converting to AWD. Again, any help would be appreciated.