Need People to Drift With? Post Here

d1nznash Australia 6pm most nights

TUKLUVMUFFFIN69, MTN. time us, hmu


Can’t gift cars in FM5. Probably shouldn’t beg either, lol.

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I’ll drift pretty much whenever I’m on if I’m not grinding for CR.

I also started a drift team with recruitment newly opened.

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I’m also from Michigan, to you Michigan posters. Ann Arbor to be exact.

GT: DriftxDaily
im in Australia just send me a fr.

Valentineboyz central time

Hay Looking for a drift lobby add me maffujames.

eglowlife US Mountain time. on pretty much every night.

I will be on all day today if anyone is looking for help.
Other instructors are welcome to join to give their input.


Add me on Xbox Live or send me a message on there, I’m always down to race or drift.

tom6685 central time

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I’m trying to get some tandem practice in if anyone is interested.


Add me up on xbox if you want. I play almost every night.

GT: MarkChamorro

Xbox one

GT- CanibeatYoshi

Timezone: PST California …

Hit Me Up …

Need people to drift with add me

ADK Adrenaline

were looking for new members.

Was told to consider joining a team to learn how to tandem, but I don’t think I’d feel confident joining a team without at least having a little experience unless I knew the people first and what the team is about.

So if anyone of any skill level ever runs any tandem practice I’ll be up for it, expect a few bumps and spins. But all in good spirits naturally.

I’m GMT but always on really late.

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Im from Australia, just started drifting in Forza, im not too bad, still need practice but would someone to practice with instead of just joining random servers all the time. My GT is Snyper7.