Need People to Drift With? Post Here

Basically just a thread for those looking for people to drift with. Just put down your GT and timezone, and this should get rolling. If this has already been done, please disregard. Hit me up anytime, my gt is END Impulse. I’m in CST timezone.

oDs45 - UK Time GMT. Usually on 8pm until 11:30PM 7 Days a week.

JDMDEMON300ZX , located in the US EST

GT: yeatoast99, CST us.

Gt: Frankniddi eastern standard time hit me up!

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I see your Michigan hoodie in your gamer pic. are you from there because i am.

As long as we’re not brake-drifting…


I’m on the majority of the day if I’m not out in my real car. Central time.

Let’s go slide!

yes please add me… GT is, SMKA Art Form


FuBaRWales adddddd meeeeeee

add me for Tandem only GM : QC DRIFT819 QC
i have somme relly good drift tune feel like real drift setup just whrite DMCC ont the description


Im usually on sometimes during the day, but more at night after 7.

Yall can send me one Im on Xbox 360 and Xbox One


Slide on…

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Add me::

GT: SDz R0B3RTS (o is a zero e is a 3)
online: days im of i work a crazy work schedule but days of im on all day!


Atlantic Time ( GMT - 4 )

Message me on Xbox one. I’ve been getting us all in party’s today and everything has ran smoothly! Lets TANDEMMMMMM!!!

I’m new to photoshop (ipad version) don’t judge to hard!

Gamertag is KinkyFrys, and I live in US east.

Supa117 here im looking to join a drift group or team. Or if anyone wants to just community drift lets get a drift line going please add me on XBL supa117. Thanks Lets do this guys!!!

GT: Kru Jones

TimeZone: CST

GT: SO Spitsy
Timezone: GMT+1