need little help with car packs

hey, i was wondering how do i get my car packs activated? what i mean is i downloaded a free car pack and also bought disc 2 content cars. in the marketplace they’re marked as “purchased” but when i go to career mode and try buying them, they are marked as “dlc” content and when i click “a”, it would take me to the buying screen even thou i bought the pack already for sure.
console: xbox 360

any solutions please?

Are you sure you downloaded a pack? I don’t remember any of the packs being offered for free, but since I have most of them, I don’t pay that much attention.

When a DLC pack was released, ONE car from that pack would be offered for free. The reason for this was, if you did not have the pack you could not see any of the cars when racing against them online. You would only see a blacked out VW. By downloading the free car, you could then see all the cars from them pack when racing online, even if you didn’t have the entire pack. I would check to see if you actually downloaded an entire pack, or just the free car.

I’m in the same boat, haven’t searched for answers yet. I bought the collectors edition on launch, installed disc 2, played FM4 too much and my disc broke. I just now bought another copy, and it isn’t registering that I have any of the disc 2 stuff. I check my hard drive and everything is still there. But it wants me to pay for all the packs. Should I delete all the packs that we’re on disc 2 then try to reinstall that disc since I still have it? I’m worried I’ll lose most of my cars I already have, but not allowed to drive.

Update, the extra disc I picked up was out of the Essentials Edition. Being that it is still Forza 4, but Essentials, is it conflicting with my full game/collectors edition?

I’m pretty sure the essentials edition is not the same. I don’t think it will recognize any of the disc 2 content. Better off getting a full FM4 disc.

This would be correct - can’t mix “normal” FM4 discs/install with the essentials stuff (save is fine though).

Another thing with DLC that I’ve said many times is that you have to leave the download menu alone until it’s finished. If you go to download a DLC and then promptly back out of that download window, the download stops. It doesn’t go to your download queue, it only downloads in that menu.

Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but whenever people have issues with DLC I wanna make sure I throw it out there.