Need help with speed camera - stuck at 29/30, know where it is, but can't find it?

I’ve researched to find out that the last speed camera I need is to the south of Italia on the WHITE road heading east, just before you hit the first orange road that heads southeast and ends at the white road. I can’t find the camera, I’ve driven through slowly to see it and it’s simply NOT THERE on the side of the road. I’ve gone through at different speeds, thinking I needed to ‘activate’ it. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

If you are using a map or advice from someone make sure it is from the same console you are on.

Italia? Must’ve have bought a different game then.

But as SatNite says; it’s quite handy to know which console you’re on and there are other threads (and other websites) that quite literally hand you the map, video, screenshots and such for finding each and every thing in FH2.

Also, look out for Drivatars. I had a board on my map, but it wasn’t where it should be. After several repeat visits i discovered that a number of Drivatars had hit it before i got there. I had to cold reset my console and go back into game before it appeared where it should be. Then i hit it before any more Drivatars came along. lol

I’m having this problem. I’ve got 29/30 speed traps. The thing is is that I’ve mapped all the roads out and obviously discovered all the cameras and every one of them shows I have set a speed. Still says only 29/30 though. What’s the deal here? Is there a speed trap that’s off the beaten track that I haven’t discovered or what???

Wrong… Having 100% Road Discovery does NOT mean you have all cameras unlocked. Especially not those cameras that are based along (hardly driven) Race-routes. You will discover the road for it but won’t find the camera or set a time for it.

Unless ofcourse you did 100% roads in regular freeroam doing no events, races, bucketlist and whatnot.

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Thanks. That explains it. Time to go searching.

Oh, right, I see. That must be it then. Looks like I’ll have to retrace my steps and try and find a speed trap I may have only passed during a race. Cheers.

I’m still missing 2 and have 100% roads, I will find them sometime, not really worried

I’m not worried, just irked!

dat naggin niggle in da back of mah mind

I have the 360 version, and I was stuck at 26/27 speed cameras for a while. If you have 100% of the roads discovered but can’t find something (this applies to all discoverables, really), keep track of which roads you use most often while driving around the map. I’m too lazy to do the math to find out the exact probability, but I do know that there’s a high likelihood in finding something on the roads least traveled. For me, the last speed camera was on a long, twisty dirt road just west of Nice. Again, I have the 360 version, but people with both versions can benefit regardless.

I was looking at a 360 map, while I have the XB1 version. I looked at an XB1 map and found it. Now 100% on all discovery and 45/45 bucket list! Some of those new bucket list ltems are tough.