Need help with joining a new Car Club

I’ve been racing with a few guys for the past 2 months now, and today I decided it was time to leave my defunct club and join theirs. When one of them tried to send me a club invite, it told them that I was not accepting invites at the time. I figured it was because I was the current leader of another car club. I then chose a new leader for my club, and then quit said club. He tried to send me another invite, and it still told him I was not accepting club invites. I then tried to request a club invite, but the club doesn’t accept invite requests. We seem to be at an impasse, as I can’t send him a request, and he can’t send me an invite.

Is there some sort of option to turn club invites on/off that I can’t seem to find? Definitely need some help here, because the last two hours have been pretty frustrating. Thanks in advance to whoever helps.

I believe there is an option…somewhere, I’m having a brainfart

Hi listen if you want to join a new car club you must to quit first the old one! Go from the game (Forza) menu then you have to choose my club after that-quit club and after that look carefully the bottom line of the screen-accept club invite-ON-good luck- :wink:

I’ve already promoted a new leader and quit the club. The guy I was talking to was telling me the same thing about looking at the bottom line of the screen and seeing an option for “accept club invites on” but all I see at the bottom of the screen is “B Back.” I messaged the leader of the club and asked him if he could change the club settings temporarily to accept club requests so I could send a request instead. Hopefully that’ll do the trick. Thanks for the help guys.

Small correction -if currently you are a club leader-first you have to promote another club member for leader-after that you can quit it and enjoy the new one !