Please fix the Clubs for FM4


Please fix the Clubs for Forza Motorsport 4!

People can’t JOIN a Club or CREATE a Club.

This is breaking 2 achievements!!!

Thank you very much!

EDIT: oops it’s one achievement. Two options, creating or joining unlocks it.

I second this. There is another achievement to share a car in a club.

Yes but the share stuff is working for those already in groups.

Joining and creating are not, so it should be what they look for. (Hopefully it doesn’t break the share stuff when they fix it)

Groups for Horizon and Horizon 2 Xbox 360 are working (when the games are working of course. Right now only the first Horizon is online). And XP, sharing, anything related to the groups is working. Just Creating and Joining for Forza 4 is broken. I wonder if there’s a number limit for groups…

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Yes. Please fix the clubs.
Also, I would be interested in purchasing the FM4 DLC cars from someone who has moved on to XBox One.
And, Yes. Please fix the clubs.
KInd Regards,

How are you planning on doing this? Play under their gamertag?


Was anyone able to create or join a club this month?

Nope. (server is not available)

Been trying for months.

Any news regarding the groups for Forza Motorsport 4?


I’m eager to create a club for me in FM4!

Did anyone was able to create one after the twitter saying they are aware of the server issues? =D

i got the achievement back in april it might seem like the servers might be gone or thers a serious issue with them as i have not got my forza rewards went on just now seems that nothing onlines avalibele now

So can someone check if the Clubs are working now?

Can you CREATE a club in FM4?


So was anyone able to use the Clubs in FM4?

Not really using, but creating or joining.

Just tried a minute ago and no still can not create a club (server actually not available etc…), and i suppose it is the same thing for joining one :confused:
Edit: the same for Horizon 1 too

Maybe it’s possible when a leader of an existing club invites you to join his club?

No, sadly it’s not… i have 3 club invites but impossible to join them… :confused: (same thing for FH1)

I confirm, it does not work even if a leader invites us into his club :frowning:

That’s horrible. And they don’t answer us at all.
Same for the upload achievements of FM3.

So now we currently have as unlockable, the auction house achievement in FM2, some upload stuff achievements for FM3 and the Club achievement for FM4.
Forza Horizon was offline today when I played but it is likely temporary. FH got some attention because of the 4K patch for Xbox One X so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

They could at least tell us if they have plans on fixing.