need a tune

Hey all I need a tune for the nurburgring full GP track for this car.

I am currently running a 157.5xx lap time. Here is the catch you can not add anything to the car it must remain stock, So just all the areo and stuff can be fiddled with.
I can pay a decent price for the tune, It must also be for the number 89 car there is three, and the tune for some reason they are not interchangeable. so let me know here or on xbox live
thanks and ciao

I have some good tunes for this car. Let me fire up my box and I’ll message you tonight with a tune.

Hey thanks for your response James. and teaching me a lesson, that being if I post a request here keep checking back.
Unfortunately I never had a chance to try your tune for the race I was going in. I did get a response from some else and with his tune I came in second. which is good I am leading the points for the series. The next race is at Leguna Seca, and i am working with your tune for that race, and I have two weeks till the next race. I am going to try playing with the aero on the car and I find it a bit slippery on exits. but I like the tune. I am not getting great times with it yet, but feel with just a few tweaks to the aero I should be able to run fast with it.

I will get back to you with the results. thanks again. I am not all that great a designer but if you see any thing you like in my SF message and I will send it you.

Try this :slight_smile:

Tyre Pressures: 30.0/29.0

Gearing: FD 5.90,
Then as follows: 0.84 (1st is used a lot); 0.67; 0.56; 0.48 (5th and 6th same)

Camber: -0.9/-0.7
Toe: 0/0
Caster: 7.0

Anti-roll bars: 1.00/13.12 (default rear)

Springs: 300.0/375.0
Height: 5.3/3.6

Rebound: 2.9/3.1
Bump: 1/1

Aero: 537 (max)/ 888 (almost max)

Braking: 45% bias, then my pressure is 162%. IF you use ABS then I’d put that down to about 80%, or if you don’t, then put it how you like it. I like my brakes to have an early bite so I put it up.

Diff: 25/0

Rawr’s right, James. You do tune wrong. XD

I’m kidding, of course. The only thing that’s weird to me is the gearbox. I’d prefer a 5th gear with a shorter 1st, but that’s just my preference with this particular car. The aero doesn’t seem to affect your pace much regardless of where it is, so feel free to play with it. I’d change the rebound and ARBs a bit, but other than that it’s a great tune that should be competitive. I was able to dip into the 1:45s with it. It gets my seal of approval!

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I got a low 46 in comparison, so I still haven’t lost my mojo!

I like this car’s power band, it peaks so early which is why I like to use 1st in this one. I also use 1st to pivot the car for exiting and then hit 2nd as soon as I’m straightening up.

I may suggest tweaks for Laguna as it’s an entirely different track to Nurb GP.

Ya I know it is a different beast. I am alot more comfortable driving that track now then I was when I first started playing forza.
well I could send a friend request and maybe we can work something out, while we drive the track.

Yup, I can add you :slight_smile:

I’d love to help tune some prototypes. Let me know which car (if it’s not still the #89), which track, and when you need it by. Instead of paying for a tune, it would be better if you could gift me the car to tune and return. Let me know if you’re interested.

Could anyone post what car this is so I can test it.
I rarely race these cars, so don’t feel like looking through all the car dealers to see if I can find it.


Pretty sure it’s the #89 Chevy FLM09. That’s why he said “not the other two” because there’s the #55 and the #99. He has an older thread in the Tuners Lounge with a link to the series he’s running. He hasn’t responded to my PM so the series may be over by now. Still love the tune I built for the car.