N07 - "Whoops! Car! Tree! OMG shoot!" club

so… I’m thinking about “opening” my club.

Right now, there’s 4 of us. My friend Moose from my Mass Effect 3 MP days (hence the N07), a guy I met here, me, and my girl.

Basically, as it says in our description. We’re primarily a “shenanigans” type club. We’re here to have fun.

The question is, what’s your definition of shenanigans? Not going to lie, here’s a concept of our “Public Lobby ‘Red-shirt’” car(s)… or should I say trucks. :smiley:

D, C, B, A, S1, and S2 Hummer H1. YEP. They like to play bumper-cars? We fight right back, and our S1s can run the finale in under 16 minutes and top out at about 190mph :smiley:

aka: shenanigans! :smiley:

in private, well, that’s a different story, and it depends on what we want to do.

We will accept any and all driver levels. Seriously.

Our name came from a hilarious private race where one of our members was driving, literally went “Whoops! Car!! TREE??? OMG!! SHOOT!!!” and avoiding all of the above smacked right into a house :smiley: We were in tears for about 10 minutes after, just laughing about the whole thing.

All we ask is 18+ (if under 18, consider yourself on a permanent probationary term, sorry, facts are facts… and it’ll be harder to get in.) mature drivers.

Forceful hitting of other drivers in-club will be immediately booted. Yes, we drive Hummers in public lobbys. We also can drive those trucks wicked clean and fast.

And if you want, we can help show you how.

If you want, put it plainly my club will have “perks” that are far more rewarding (I hope) than those offered in-game.

How would you like to run your confident B-class car (basically your starter or whatever you feel comfortable in) and in 15 minutes or less (depending on how one of our lead driver does) make about $80,000 credits, all the while learning what a good driving line is, and exactly what your car is doing… all while making wicked XP and $$?

if anyone would like some techniques taught in-game. I’m here for free advice. Just be ready for the price you pay. Honestly basic entry is building a 1991 JDM Icon B-spec Miata with the upgrades I recommend and then I give you my tune free (costs like $20,000 I think for all said and done - $10,000 in the tires!) Then I show you all of the above beginner, intermediate, and advanced techniques. How they apply in real-world. How they apply and work in-game. For example, in Horizon 2, caster and camber act quite a bit tamer than in real life, and one can “go for broke” without breaking the car. Then as one builds up confidence and develops their actual driving style - I’ll help you understand tuning, the physics behind it spoken by a driver, not a scientist (I keep it simple-ish), and I’ll help you develop the Miata to drive the way YOU want it to for YOUR driving style and line.

Then, if you want, and are having fun, we can run bigger RWD cars, go to ME cars, AWD/FE, AWD/ME, RWD/RE, AWD/RE, or FWD. Happily. Honestly, I’d love to help “break” the leaderboards. Driving hard, digging deep, and driving clean = fast lap times.

For example, I’m trying to break into the 13 minute mark (aka, 13:something) in a relatively stock Shelby Daytona Coupe, Dino Ferrari, and GT MkII. All I do, is add some downforce aero, and racing tires. Flywheel if they need it. That’s IT. And me and my friends having done this. Thinking about the EPIC run I had in my Daytona against a same-specc’d out Ferrari GTO (basically the LeMans race continued out into the country) was absolutely amazing.

anyone want to get there? Feel free to hit me up. 20+ years experience in both gaming cars and real-world. And as I said, it’s a game. It’s for FUN. So happily will share any and all.

I’m not going to “open” the club yet. Instead I’m posting this here and seeing who’d like to join. Just looking for more drivers that would like to hang out, cruise, drift, rally, off-road, and drive the daylights out of cars.

Heya Cuda, you can count me in… I love cars and enjoy racing. If I had a chance I would be racing in real life without a question. Im in a club now but its nothing special and not active.

I know I can learn to tune and such but it is a bit overwhelming not knowing where to start. I think tuning would help me know how to drive each car better also…

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Sounds good. My club will check you out. My girl madlocke405th will add you.

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