My wants and needs for Horizon 4

We all know FH4 is just around the corner with E3 I’m going to make some points about my absolute dreams and pleas for the perfect Horizon game!

  1. I reckon some wants in regards to FH4’s location are Tokyo, Northern island of Japan, Dubai or even Los Angeles. I’d LOVE the next game to be mostly city! I miss Midnight Club…

  2. Speaking of Midnight Club, SUBSTANTIALLY lower the car amount and as a return give us a HUGE number of aftermarket visual parts like widebody, bumpers, spoilers, hoods and possibly neon. I have an obsession with car customisation lol.

  3. The entire progression system should be revamped to make the online component playable without having to go single player. FH3 did this well but if we want to focus on multiplayer, let us without having to progress single player.

  4. Just like FH3, keep the cutscenes to a minimum or let us skip like in the first game.

Thanks! I started Horizon 3 again and these somewhat controversial opinions could possibly make FH4 shine if done right!

Just saving Dragnet some work, there is a separate thread for the needs of FH4.



Sure! Sorry.

didn’t really enjoy Midnight Club so I hope FH4 isn’t anything like it.

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For the time and for what it was, I liked it. The only thing I would want from that game is the “Autosculpt” feature. I’m so bored with the Forza spoilers and hoods. And rims and tires.

Autosculpt was NFS lol

I’ve already listed my personal wishes regarding future Horizon games.

However, there is something else - Remove V10 & V12 engine swaps and keep racing tense as well as competitive, that includes drag races. Dang it.

OK so you know FH4 is just around the corner and by now is a pretty much completed game in the testing and polishing phase. So you should also know you are like a year to late with this post as most decisions for the game have been made.

So why the very Late post perhaps change the title to Forza Horizon 5 and some idea’s

Ps bad idea deleted lets learn how the cars handle first before MP destruction derby gets worse.

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Put your wants on needs on the wish list where they belong