My thoughts on horizon 3

So after 2 weeks of having this game and it being the 4th Forza game I’ve played I have to say it quickly became my favorite one so far.

Large array of cars to choose from
Good graphics
Good driving physics
Auction house is back!
Tuning cars affects them

Lack of body kits for some cars, the Subaru cars bearly get any body kits for their cars expect ones for the class style.
Rubber band effect on npcs, an Audi R8 shouldn’t be able to keep up with a maxed 458 spec on a straight when the 458 is tuned for 19.2 drag.
Cars being in wrong class and wrong races, had an X CLASS Shelby raptor in a modern super car race.( Shelby raptor can’t be made into X CLASS)
Limit on the buyout for cars too high and too low( every HE CAR HAS A MIN OF 5.5m and some cars like the horizonthon max at 715k)

I’m not a forza expert, but I like the high buyout on HE cars… it lets the market decide the price on the auction side. HE Cars that go consistently in the 700k-1000k ish range are probably good… ones that you cannot give away at 200k, probably not so much.

True but I wish there wasn’t a cap on the starting bids and the buyouts and also the amount you can bid