My paintings (vinyls and liveries)

Edit : Reuploaded the pictures and added new ones.

Am I a weeb ? I guess yeah…

Some aren’t share cuz I’m not sure if I should.

Nice work on those vinyls mate :clap:t5:

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Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Nice manga design

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Added a few more this morning !

How did you make them look so good i have a IRL itasha Focus and wanted to import my wrap into the game…

Hello, sorry for the late reply.
You can find a tutorial here :

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Your images don’t show anymore.

Hello, saw that, reuploaded a bunch on another host that should keep em there.

i dont see your images on firefox but on edge it good

I really like your style

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Thanks mate, I’m improving I guess, trying new stuff all the time.
It’s crazy the amount of good stuff people make in this game.

Mad detail. Kudos.

New one posted, there was an issue with a similar livery on a lambo, 800+ downloads on it, idk if it took it off for some but i’ve re-shared a v2 in case of.