My Paint Job Attempts

I am new to designing on Forza, Although I have played basically all of the previous Forza titles, I never liked designing paint jobs/liveries like I want to on this one. Here I will post some of my paint jobs. Just to note, they aren’t the best, but oh well. If you actually want to download any of these, find them on my storefront under “MrHappyMan69”.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat - Post Apocalyptic

Get ready for the wasteland with this paint job for you’re Dodge Challenger.

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera - Air Force

Take off in this air force inspired paint job for you’re Lamborghini Gallardo.

I really like what you have done with these designs…

don’t give yourself a ranking … others can (and will :wink:) do that… in my opinion everyone deserves a spot when doing their own thing :+1:t2::+1:t2:

+1 on that
it’s true, Just keep on painting

Looks really cool. Try making the rivets smaller on the lambo and you should be good. :slight_smile:

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Looks good. Lot better than what I can do. Keep it up.

Thank you all for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I will most likely revisit the Lambo at some point and redo the rivets. I have another design here that I made purely to pass time. I know ive already done an apoc style one but I just fancied a crossover that by chance was apoc style (guess I just love that theme).

Ford Falcon XY GTHO Phase III - Apocalyptic Taxi

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Looking great - one thing though. The design on the front of the Lamborghini isn’t quite central.

Keep it up!

looking good practice makes perfect.
one thing i can say keep an eye on the top of cars and front and back as the game never centers the vinyl

Tried something a little different today. I used to love playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as an 8 year old, and recently got back into it. I love the police car design in that game, so I recreated the standard police patrol car livery with none other than the Ford Crown Victoria (the lightbar even seems to be in the same style!).

Ford Crown Victoria - VCPD Tribute

Like the Hellcat and Taxi paintjobs .