My ideas for making upgrading more in-depth

My first idea would be to give us more options for transmission upgrades, like give more transmission types and also allow us to choose how many gears that gearbox will have (4-speed manual, 10-speed DCT, etc.)

Second would be to let us tune our engines in the tuning menu (fuel mixture, compression ratios, etc.)

My final suggestion has to do with the descriptions of individual parts (Descriptions for upgrades). We used to have this in Forza Motorsport 1-4 but I’m not sure if we still have this in forza 7. If we do, let them stay. If not, bring them into Forza. What I mean by this is when you press Toggle, it will show a description of the specific part in detail (Sport air intake says ‘Install a cold air intake’, Race weight reduction says ‘Remove all interior carpeting’, Race differential says ‘Install a 2-way locking differential’). It shouldn’t be too hard to add these descriptions, they could literally just copy and paste these descriptions from the older games.

Anyways thats my list.

I’d also like to see more diverse (and distinct) transmission types, and I think there should be a “Use Actual” option in the game options to utilize whatever the car is actually equipped with. If a car comes with an automatic, you have to swap to a manual if you want to shift yourself. If a car comes with a clutchless sequential, you don’t need to use the clutch. This should be in addition to the current Automatic/Manual/Manual w/ Clutch options, so those who prefer the current system can continue to use it.

Engine tuning is something I could get behind, but there are bigger fish to fry first. Timing advance and fuel cut would be fun to play with, and aren’t really covered by the current upgrade options.

Additionally, I want options that allow me to lower a car’s performance. Lower-than-stock-power engine swaps, removing factory forced induction, and adding ballast are all things I’d like to see. More diversity in tire sizes is another; I hate how limited our tire choices are in FM7.