My Horizon Life PR stunts

How do you level up PR stunts after 3 staring them all?

If it scores anything like horizon 3 did. Play them again getting a score that would get you 3 stars.You won’t collect more stars but score still counts.Keep in mind two expansion dlcs will be coming to the game.I’m sure it will have more to do in those

I believe they’re capped. If you select them in the Horizon Life section where it shows you all the levels, IIRC it doesn’t list a reward for the next level indicating that there isn’t one.

If you have 3 starred them all then you have max influence you can get from them.

Someone else may be able to confirm, but I think this is where PR skills are different to say Story challenges in Horizon Life.

Take the Stuntman storyline for instance - 10 challenges each with 3 stars. I’ve done them all, got to Level 10 in Horizon Life and it says that is complete and the maximum - no more potential levels or influence to earn.

Now look at Speed Traps - again I have completed them all to 3 stars and currently show as L16 exactly (0 progress to next level) but the text says earn x000 (I don’t have the figure to hand) influence to reach L17 and there is a wheelspin reward for doing so.

Likewise with Speed Zones, though there with everything 3 starred I am L16 and about 1/3 progress towards L17. Again earn x000 more influence to reach L17 and earn a reward.

If I have earned everything possible I would prefer it to say that, rather than leave me hanging thinking there is some other challenge I haven’t found while stats say 84/84 stars earned.

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Pretty sure I’m level 15 on speed traps and have :star::star::star: All of them so apparently the higher on LB the more influence? Not just stars?

I’ll edit post when I get back on.

I think the influence payout is purely based on how many stars.

I think it is 1* +1500, 2* +1000, 3* +500, for a total of 3000 influence for 3* one event.

I don’t think I’ve seen any PR stunt payout an odd amount of influence that could be tied to your performance over the threshold. I don’t think you get any more influence for improving upon your PB, as I have redone some speed traps for seasonal events, increased my score but not noticed any additional influence (doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, I just didn’t notice any pop-up).

I’m new to Forza. FH4 is my first Forza game. I am just wondering what does PR actually stand for?


I think just publicity (public relations) stunt.