My GamerTag

I apologize to anyone if my gamertag is offensive to anyone. It is intended for it’s irony, but I do see how people can take offense to it. Before I go further, let me make it clear that my favorite President was JFK, so I have no quarrel with Kennedy. So, long story short, I apologize if I give off any bad vibes due to my name on here AND Xbox.


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Many thanks to you as well Kool, I’m glad you people are understanding. A lot of the times growing up, I never had time to explain things, everything was assumed, then I was punished. So that’s why I’m such a stickler when it comes to the way I explain things. It’s also why I go so far into detail. But, going into detail isn’t a bad thing lol.

Don’t worry too much about the haters kiddo, they will always be there no matter what. It’s usually best just to ignore them. Too many people now like to be “offended” just so they can try to force their views on others. To them I say, get over it! If your offended by someone’s GT then you seriously need to get a life!

I will now further offend them by saying, yes, as an all American boy, JFK did indeed love a good parade! That’s exactly why that tragic event occurred.

Doesn’t bother me. I had a followup joke but it was in really bad taste so I kept it to myself, hehe. It’s unrelated but I found the papers from the day and day after JFK was shot at my grandmother’s house.


@JFK and @Mako,

As far I can tell, there were no “haters” here. Several people bent over backwards to accept JFK’s explanation of his xbox live message to me and to include him in this community. In fact, considering JFK started all of this by sending me an unsolicited message dropping the f-bomb and belittling the cars I was selling, the only “hater” here was JFK.

As far as his gamertag goes, you both are apparently too immature to understand why people could be offended by his GT and your subsequent comments. You also clearly don’t know the difference between something that is “ironic” and something that is “sardonic.”

It would be “ironic” if JFKLuvsParades was shot in the head by a sniper after he selected that particular gamertag.

It is “sardonic” to create a gamertag that derisively mocks the assassination of a beloved United States president.



I’m not speaking on Nachos behalf, but seeing that I supported him (and still do) and now being referred to as a hater, just for the record this - I find it most amazing that the exact person who was being targeted by hate speech are now with some others (myself included) being called haters. Now that is ironic. I tried to show some community support to the kid as he sounded sincere, but now others jumped on the wagon and throw punches. Also ironic is that its some of them that accuse T10 of being ignorant to their problems on FH2 on the X360 and that T10 caused chaos amongst loyal fans, but now they become the architects of chaos, or at least try to. How can we be called haters if we turn our backs on indecency and personal attacks. The only haters here are the immages they saw in the mirror. I wiil not take further any part in this and be sucked down to these low levels - rather enjoy my game and use this as my daily dose of humour. And JFK maybe its time you lay low on this matter and let it die down -you can join the community in many other ways besides running the poor kid boat. Hagh… Im outta here for keeps.