My entire series and season is different events/rewards after crash

I don’t mean that I lost my progress. I mean it’s all different events and different rewards the cars are missing as rewards and it’s just wheel spins but all of the events are different. The DeLorean and Aston Martin have been replaced by wheel spins and all of the point giving events are completely different. This crash immediately upon entering the game after a cold boot of the series x console and firing up the game after playing earlier today. It’s like I’m in a whole new series. Did they just do a huge Reboot of the series and seasons? Very confused.

Here is a comparison the Nissan GTR four-stage event that awards 81 Forza points is now own and drive a Toyota and the smaller events that give two points are the following: danger sign cannonball, speed trap Levy, drift zone exquisito, Sprint into action seasonal championship, off-course seasonal championship, and super Street seasonal championship. the photo challenge is in front of the stadium and I have to get three hat trick goals for the collectible. the rival event has also changed.

I took screenshots but of course this forum sadly doesn’t allow images

The game just crashed out again after backing out of the menu and now after coming back in it is reset to the proper season in series… WEIRD!!!

Same thing happened to me, only I didn’t crash, I tried to paint a car and the game crashed. The weekly challenge became drive a Toyota. So I tried to paint my Toyota. Game crashed and now we’re back to drive the Nissan GT-R.

There is a fall-back festival playlist if you can’t connect to the server.

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Yeah but if you can’t connect to the server how does the game work at all? it’s an always on connection type game. Is this the fallback if the series events are not connectable is that what’s happening? If so is there a way to trigger that to get to that backup series. It would be cool to geti n there and get those events and extra points

Keeps crashing all the time here on my xbox s, just lost 630 000 (of my 3mill) two crashes ago.

Need a beer :frowning: