My 1st anime car design - Konosuba Mel, looking for comment

Hi all,

Want to share with you my first drawing of anime car. Mel (Meru) - The Girl of Thunder and Lightning from Konosuba.

Hope I can receive some comments on my drawing and overall livery design, whether you like it or not, so that I can improve further :slight_smile:

Share code: 140 971 890
Design name: Konosuba Mel
Game tag: LouisaMartinIsa
Car: Ferrari 599XX Evo

Great work!!!:fire::fire:

Thank you!

Not the biggest fan of the stereotypical anime “big knockers” designs, but from just a quick glance, there’s nothing that’s obviously out of place or alignment. Idk what character from what show this is, but the design itself is pretty lined up.

In terms of “anime” designs, nice work. You didn’t provide an image to compare to, so that’s all I can say.