Multiplayer - stuck on "Loading Tune and Upgrade" Multiplayer Lobby hangs at 0:01 (1630009)

Impossible to play multi for 2 days now, everytime i got stuck at 0:01, on PC. I waited over 10 minutes and it won’t start. Very boring situation, waste of time practicing and qualifying. GG

just happened to me, PC, forced to crash the game, and re-optimize shaders until AMD fix gets released.

Just got stuck in an “applying tune” loading screen while in a featured multiplayer lobby.
Race timer reached zero and nothing happened.

Playing on Series X
Restarting the game fixed the issue temporarily but I missed out on the race I had entered.

Unsure how often this occurs, I’m not going to waste my time playing a broken game so that I can report big statistics.

If I do get any more info though I will post again.

It occurs about 75% of the time. They have so many issues related to hanging on applying/buying etc. Stopped playing due to this

I found out that sometimes if u try to change tune while in lobby menu u can get this bug, from what i tested when u enter prectice and change tune on track, theres lower risk of this bug happening

I think it might be related to “aplying tune” bug, if someone with this bug w8 till race start, he will bug out whole lobby until he quits, at least thats what i think is happening. I tested it once when bug “aplying tune” heppened to me. Race did not start, i dont know if it started when i quit or not. Gotta test it with friend

Definitely the most annoying bug in the game. Trying new cars and tunes in online is nearly impossible due to being stuck when applying tune. Why is this game not having patches coming out daily? What are you waiting for. You have 200 fixes lined up, and somehow you think its better to wait and release them together? Why do we have to play this sh… game for weeks. Its not in anyone’s interest to delay an update.

We need DAILY updates…

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Stuff like this happens like so often. And after waiting a while the race might even start BUT it usually ends soon after race start. Just ends like a normal race BUT we all just started driving. It’s crazy. you see winners and stuff but we all drove just for few minutes…

i get that freezing bug evy 3 time change a turn or saving a turn… how can a game beein build for 6years and bin play tested by the dev!

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Same thing still happening, Xbox

30 minutes practicing and adjusting the tune for that race, get bugged 2 minutes before the start of the race. Wasted effort !!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Happened so many times!!!


Are you here?
Are you listening?
Are you trying to fix?


Even with update 2, this is still happening.

It doesn’t seem to be as bad as it was originally, I can actually play in multiplayer now, but it still happens often. It happens the most now in multiplayer races, but will also occasionally do small freezes when in various menus, such as going through the car parts, or going selecting which race type, career, featured multiplayer, etc.

I’ve downloaded all the Windows updates, have updated my graphics driver each time a new version came out, including clean installs. I’ve also tried BluetoneUK’s suggestion of the Window’s power setting, but that didn’t do anything either. I’ve even unplugged my controller and played with my keyboard, but it still froze.