Multiplayer - Microphone permanently recording

I know, it’s may be a low priority issue, but still need a fix. It’s very annoying and decrease the fun most of the time in online sessions. If somebody know how to deactivate the voice chat, please tell me.

As a gamer over decades, IMHO almost every in game voice chats are pretty useless. Especially on PC, because player chose teamspeak, discord or Skype. You won’t chat with strangers anyway, because they mostly don’t speak English.

It’s pretty hard to finish an online event, when you hear some weird background sounds, like a TV, wife, baby crying, mother, brother, music from another source, a Latinman speaking 24/7 and much more.

Please, fix that. Can’t be that hard to fix.

Hey, not really a fix, more a work around, click on the settings button in the start menu, then go to privacy, microphone, then Forza Horizon 3. and click the little slider on the right side of it so its greyed out/turned off, then the game will no longer be able to record your mic while in multi.