Moveable camera during Upgrading/Painting

For the life of me why did you guys take out the ability to move the camera when upgrading the car or painting the car? This was a fantastic feature in FH5. Why are we going backwards in progress here man?? I get a crappy, Zoomed in view, Or off-angle where I can’t see the whole car and have to wait for another angle that isn’t what i want to come on to see what paint I’m choosing when buying my car. Please add this in. Taking an extremely useful feature, SIMPLE feature out is mind boggling to me.


I completely agree with you, but they probably won’t acknowledge this from the Discussion page. You need to create a topic under the Suggestions page to get heard. Just make sure it’s under the proper category. If it gets upvoted, that will increase the chances of it getting acknowledged.


Oh okay I see, Thank you so much for pointing this out to me. Brand new to the forums so I appreciate that!

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All good, man! I learned this not too long ago myself, and realized discussions can’t get a vote, while suggestions can. Let’s hope we get heard!

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Also realizing that the trying to make a post and get it in the right category, etc, is atrocious. Starting to become real unimpressed with how they do things entirely. Have played forza since forza 3 and horizon 1, Yet we get unfinished games now with a forum system that is sub-par at best.

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