Motorsupport: Forza Support Site Photo Contest – FM7 Summer Edition

Welcome to the new seasonal photo contest for! Do you want a chance to have your Forza Motorsport 7 Forzatography featured on our support website? Here is your chance!


Rules of the Contest
• Your photos do not need to be season themed, but if you can think of a way to do it, extra kudos!
• 2 photo submissions maximum
• All entries must be shared in Forza Horizon 4 and have the description of summersupport (one word)
• All submissions must adhere to Forza’s ‘E for Everyone’ policy, and the Xbox Live Code of Conduct -
• Full calendar and winner announcement thread here:

Submission Instructions
• While in photo mode (press up on the D pad) press A to take photo
• On capture screen use RB to move watermark and press A to save photo
• Select open slot (or overwrite existing photo file), create file name and save photo
• Once the photo is saved the share menu will pop up automatically
• Set make, model, and keywords to your liking but be sure to set the photo’s description to the proper description for the current week’s contest. ex: “summersupport” (make sure it is all one word)
• Hit “Share” and you’re all set
• If you wish to use an existing saved photo you will need to unshare and then reshare it with the proper description for your photo to be eligible for the photocomp
• You may post your photos in this thread if you would like to show them off on the forums, you MUST POST if you are asking for a prize.

Note: Prize requests can be for either FH3, FH4, or FM7 regardless of what contest you enter. Example: If you enter all three contests, all your prize requests can be for FH4, FM7, or FH3 or mix and match!
• Player’s choice of any car that is NOT a DLC or Pre-Order car (If you are unsure about a car’s eligibility, message me here on the forums or check!)
• Optional: A vanity item (clothing, driver gear etc.)
• 3 super wheelspins (in applicable titles)
Your photo will be the Forza Motorsport 7 tile on
• Potential use in the weekly “Week In Review” publications on
• Potential use/feature in official Forza Streams on Redirecting... & Twitch
Forza Motorsport

Remember, if you have questions, need help, or want to provide feedback read our articles and submit a ticket on!

Good Luck!

FM7 car Choice: Pagani Huayra BC
Driver equipment: Porsche driver equipment
Gametag: FRT Davi

GT: bona8gamer34
Prize car(FH4): Apollo IE

Closing for voting, good luck!