More OEM lobbies for multiplayer (No parts/tuning/modifications)

I get it. Lots of people want to upgrade and tune then share their car’s tune with the community. Or just want to get in and download the highest rated tune. Perfect, great, awesome, you do you boo. That’s fun too, and let’s keep those lobbies too.
But… Some of us like to just pick a car and race. Like the good OEM intended.
Let the lobby be purely driving skill based rather than who can upgrade or (more often it seems) download the better tune.
FM7 does have a couple of these stock lobbies. But I would like to see this getting more attention and options.

Doing a division lobby in FM7, picking my favorite car, and then I have to auto upgrade (or go back to the garage and do it myself) to be competitive for the race, I just cringe. I just want my cars pristine. What’s the point in installing so many parts into a car, or downloading a tune that you didn’t even take the time to do the work to get it to the top of the division - is it even that car anymore, or just a setup that has a body of a vehicle you recognize? I want to learn to drive the car, not buy parts to make it easier for me. Then after the race I have to go back to the garage and strip all the parts I was forced to buy to be “competitive”.

I understand that, for example, a 701 probably wont beat a 799, so maybe smaller division for some lobbies in the 10-30 range. Like 720-750s on a three race hopper or a weekly(daily?) lobby.

For a couple seasons FH5 did stock single make/model Trial co-op seasonal races. I was happier than a pig in poo. Did I win every race, surely not. But the fun is trying to win. Did I finish last, I’ll plead the fifth amendment. Could you tell who was used to slapping AWD and racing tires and every other mod into their car, heck yes you could.


I’m with this concept, but also worried about there being too many lobbies and the player base gets thinned out…

And anything with a range of PI will just mean one car/model dominates, the regulars will know the cars, others will get bored trying to find them to be competitive.

Maybe a lobby where every race is a random track and random mandatory stock car (and provided/rented), coupled with a short qualifier to permit familiarisation and a bit of order on the grid. So every race is something different, but 100% level playing field. I’d be in that lobby for sure.


This would be where I live now.