More control of mid race weather conditions

Weather conditions in-game are available on every track however there is little to no control over mid-race conditions which is a step back from the customizability of race conditions from FM7. The only option to change weather conditions mid-race is “variable” From my understanding it just changes the weather once half the race distance is completed either starting dry and going to rain or going from rain to dry conditions. Leaving much to be desired.

The ability to program weather conditions at exact track times, controlled by the day/night cycle and NOT race progress.

Having more in-depth control or pure random or actual DYNAMIC weather conditions makes racing much more interesting and lively. The variable condition is lacking and not interesting as you already know by 50% race distance that the weather will change.

Random weather forecasts that are dynamically produced throughout the time that has passed in a race that are predictable but have a random aspect to them like showing us a forecast pre-race or having the race engineer warn us of rain chances ETC.

It’s nice to see weather available on all tracks, however, the reduced control we get over the weather is not ideal.

and you can’t even control whether Variable starts wet or dry, which is ridiculous

i don’t understand the point of having so many different “threatening clouds” types of weather, with no ability to make those clouds do anything, unless you get really lucky with your Variable randomness…


Even the FM7 system was kind of lacking but at least gave us 3 different scenarios we could use and use chance to make the races more interesting. But the variable mode is not really any step up. it gives less control. :\ I love the fact we have a dynamic time of day, track temp, and such but not having dynamic weather to go along with it feels like a massive short coming.


The game needs 3-4 scenarios in each race. So that a weather change can happen at 25%, 50% and 75%. Or at 20%, 40%, 60% and 80%, and an option to make it completely random. So it switches between the scenarios without us knowing what happens. The way it currently is BORES THE HELL OUTTA me. Almost always at EXACTLY 50% race length it starts to rain or it stops to rain. It doesn’t even feel like RNG, NO NOT AT ALL.

Please add something like that into UPDATE 5.0 together with Nordschleife or into UPDATE 6.0, if you don’t have enough time. But DO IT!

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It would be nice to be able to program weather during race setup with some preset variables (such as elapsed time, cloud cover %, rain intensity, weather event duration, the odds and ranges of each, etc) and a user-defined math function. The game would need to recalculate one line of math per sector and just pass the result to the game function that handles weather transitions already. And of course in the event of some sort of math error, partly cloudy makes a nice default.

We would then be able to more or less simulate a forecast like anyone in the real world would have available to them, and people who are good at creating these functions could share them around.