Mixer not rewarding FH4 influence?

Have any other Mixer users noticed that most of the Horizon 4 streams are not giving influence this morning?

I’ve only found a couple that show the blue ribbon (watching on PC), but even after being in the stream for about 20 minutes, clicking on it doesn’t show any status as far as how much has been earned or currently banked since the last time I loaded up into a new session.

Looks to be working as normal here. I use the Hurt_Locker stream as it’s low bitrate.

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Was out from about 12 midday UK time until about 1 hour ago (7:30ish pm UK time).
Seems OK at the moment in the UK.

It’s working today I had noticed it wasn’t giving any yesterday thankfully it’s sorted now

Mixer rewards works here, but i think it may take several hours to level up each time.,
After level 20 you permanently get a wheelspin.

When you reach level 21 ingame, it goes back to 20.
It will resume from 20-21 over and over again.

This is not a bug. You get a Wheelspin every time it reaches level 21.
This goes for any challenge ingame i think. 20-21 repeats is Wheelspins only.

I think this is a nice way to do this, as you kinda get “unlimited” Wheelspins instead of nothing after level 20.
Wheelspin from 20-21, 20-21, 20-21 is the same as unlimited.